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"Highly recommended..."

Liana, Gleneagles Hospital

4D 3N Hanoi & Halong Bay Private Tour
31 Aug to 03 Sep 2017

"Passengers are well taken care of..."

Glenn & Sharon

14 days in Europe
02 Mar to 15 Mar 2017

"Efficient and gracious customer service..."

Edwin Tan

Incentive Tour – March 2017
01 Mar 2017

"Outstanding Service!"

Patrick & Suwen

14 days in Europe
08 Dec to 21 Dec 2016

"We all felt very spoiled and his service has far exceeded our expectations..."

Jessica Toh & family

14D Treasure of Europe
21 Apr to 04 May 2016

"Tour Guide is flexible and knowledgeable...he is great!"

Rachel Yong

14D Treasures of Europe
20 Dec 2015 to 02 Jan 2016

"We enjoyed ourselves tremendously under the professional care of our tour guide..."

Elaine Lee and Kenneth Ang

14D Central Europe
13 Dec to 25 Dec 2015

"Our iterinary gone through smoothly and completed without missing out anything..."

Johnny Sim

11D European Delight
12 Nov to 22 Nov 2015

"Wonderful experience..."

Mr and Mrs Tang Weng Por

Switzerland, Paris & London
16 Sep to 27 Sep 2015

"Thankful to SA for blessing us with such a good tour guide..."

Patricia & Irene Koh

Switzerland, Paris & London
16 Sep to 27 Sep 2015