Margaret Tok - Europe Trip (June 13 -26, 2019)

We would like to compliment one of the tour leader from SA tour - Rachel - the tour leader for the Europe Trip.

Rachel has been very professional and helpful and knowledgeable and her flexibility to adjust the itinerary has reduce a lot of waiting and travelling time for us. The itinerary was well paced with nature and city scene. 

There is never a perfect itinerary that suits all of us but I personally feel that a tour leader plays a important part in ensuring we had a enjoyable trip and we are indeed blessed to have Rachel and the group we travelling with to make our trip a very enjoyable one.

Personally it was since 10 years plus that I join a  group tour. There was some unpleasant experience I had with one of the SA colleague which commented that I was being unfair  to him in a email  that  was sent to my friend. It does started me with a bad note and I start to wonder whether did I make the right choice?

However it turns out to be a pleasant trip and the credit goes to Rachel. 

Nowadays it is difficult to find loyal and staff who work with passion and SA is blessed to have Rachel as their staff.  I am in service line and I know it is not easy as there is ups and downs. 

I am sure SA tours will continue to be popular with good word of mouth from customers through the service from the good  tour leaders( including Rachel)

Last but not least ,Thank you to SA Tours.

Thanks again to Mickey and Carol too for replying to my emails too.