Felicia Pei Ting - Wedding Proposal Dream Cruise 11-16 Feb 2018

I would like to thank Miss Winnie Woo for her help in planning a wedding proposal on our Dream Cruise holiday from 11-16 Feb 2018.

We were planning to go on Royal Caribbean initially, however decided on Dream Cruise after Winnie’s strong recommendation.

She explained to us how Dream Cruise will be more suitable for our lifestyle - such a Penfolds bar, Johnnie Walker bar and also the high restaurant standards. This shows that she is very observant and patient to understand our needs.

As she knows that my friend was going to proposed on Valentine's Day, she suggested we book the dinner with Mark Best. And on 11 Feb, she even called to reconfirm the arrangement for us again. Luckily, she did that as the restaurant did not remember when I went to check earlier in the day. I’m very impressed with her!

On 14 Feb, the four of us were even more surprised when we walked into our friend’s room with decoration! She went the extra mile to her Dream Cruise to do it for my friend. And the proposal was very impressive and successful!

I must say that this makes me want to book more holidays with SA tour as I know the consultant is so considerate and dedicated to take care of us.

Once again, a big thank you to Ms Winnie Woo!