Liana - Gleneagles, 4D 3N Hanoi & Halong Bay Private Tour (31 Aug - 03 Sep 2017)

The trip was very well-organised by Apple Thong of SA. Everyone from Apple to the guide to the driver were so helpful and thoughtful.

The hotel we stayed was good too. The best part of it was – everyone of us were put on the same floor and had our rooms next to each other.

Pelican cruise was great, rooms are comfortable and staff was so friendly.

The tour guide, Mr. Son, was most remarkable. He was so helpful and caring. He even went all the way out to make sure that we wouldn’t lose our way by walking us through the town at Hanoi which we know that was not in the itinerary. He was also knowledgeable and speak very good English. All of us had a great time and there was NO small mishaps even.

We met our boss there and told him about our trip and itinerary and was told that theirs was no so good.

I have given his wife Apple’s contact as she has friends who are interested in doing the similar tour and I told them that Apple is highly recommended.

I will look for you again in future for our company trip.

Thank you for all your great effort and assistance.