Yue Loo Ling and Family - 14D Treasure Europe (Dec 2017)

Firstly, I would like to thank Ms. Rachel Kuek for making our Europe trip a very happy, safe and memorable for myself and my family. Please help to convey my message and appreciation to her.

Secondly, I am very lucky to have Rachel as our tour manager for this trip. Rachel has shown her professionalism by being meticulous in daily planning from wake up calls, meal times, gathering times, toilet visitations ( which is important because I have my elderly mother in this tour). She worked hard throughout the whole trip for our group arrives at favorable time (if applicable) at most of the tourist spots to avoid massive overcrowded tourists. Rachel goes extra miles by making sure that all of us will have no problems with our Christmas dinner by re-scheduled the itineraries and even gives each family Christmas present. Her warm and kind gesture really touched me. Rachel ALWAYS KEEP reminding all of us to be careful with our belongings and be safe which I am happy with her "naggings".

Rachel displays true passion in her role as tour manager. She is knowledgeable with history on places we visit. She is also entertaining and humorous as she shares her adventures and experiences with us. She always says " Everyone in the tour is VIP to her" and she DID treat each one of us like one.

My family and myself really enjoyed this trip so much with Rachel. She deserves to be recognised for her hard work and passion. Thank you.