Mr & Mrs Subramaniam - 10D Turkey Delights (19-28 Dec 2017)

Our family of three had gone for this tour led by Tour Leader, Ms Tan Sok Mei.

We would like to take this opportunity to commend Ms. Tan Sok Mei on her outstanding service and hard work, during the trip.

Prior to our trip, we had made several calls to Mei for guidance on the preparation for the trip.  She was always so patient to answer all our questions and address all our concerns.

During the trip, she was extremely responsible in the way she handled the tour group and always ensured that all of us were well taken care of and all our requests and needs were met before she would even sit down to have her rest or meals.

She was always friendly and approachable.

There are some instances that are worth mentioning......

A child in the group had her shoe's sole come off at the start of the tour and there was nowhere to have the shoes mended or shopping centers nearby to buy a new pair.  Even though the child’s dad had resolved the matter by using cling wrap and super glue to hold the sole in place, Mei was so kind to lend her spare shoes to the child for the rest of the tour.

There were times that Mei was so busy ensuring that our luggage were all accounted for in the different hotels we stayed in, that she had to miss her breakfast and wait for lunch before she could grab a bite.

In instances, where we were always delaying the time taking pictures or shopping, Mei was always so patient and never once showed any displeasure.

One incident which really touched my heart was when my husband has fallen ill and was unable to eat the dinner served to him.  After having my dinner, I approached Mei at her dinner table to ask her for help to follow me to get some cup noodles from a supermarket for my husband.  I noticed that her face was flushed and her eyes teary.  She immediately followed me to the nearest supermarket to find cup noodles but there wasn’t any.  

Not giving up, she went further and further down the lane with me till she found the noodles.  I later found out that, when I approached her for help, she had just vomited and that was why her face was flushed and her eyes teary.  I was so touched because she didn’t refuse or was not even hesitant for a minute to follow me to get the noodles for my husband, even though she was not feeling well herself. 

As my family cannot eat beef, Mei would always stand around to ensure that we were served our meals correctly and ensured that no beef was served to us.

After shopping, she would happily assist to carry our shopping bags and load and unload our luggage.

On the last day at the airport in Istanbul, we reached the boarding gate and soon after Mei arrived.  On checking with us, she realised that many of our tour group members were not at the gate.  Though boarding time had started, Mei stayed on till the last minute to ensure all members had boarded before she boarded the plane herself. 

On arrival at Changi Airport, Mei still didn’t leave us and go her own way but stayed on till we all had collected our luggage.  She stayed on to ensure we were all fine and to exchange hugs and goodbyes.

We are truly touched by Mei and how she has made our tour so enjoyable and fun.  It was a pleasure knowing her and I hope SA Tours appreciate and reward an excellent and dedicated staff like Mei.

We have been on other group tours but honestly Mei stole our hearts and she is such a wonderful person and tour leader.

Kudos to Mei!