Jessica Toh & Family (14D Treasure of Europe - May 2016)

We would like to take this opportunity to commend one of your professional tour leaders for his excellent service.

We returned from our trip with great satisfaction under the leadership of SA tour leader, Mr Cyril Sheng for the 14D Treasure of Europe tour departure on 21st April 2016.

We have encountered many tour leaders in the past but Cyril is simply 100% AWESOME!

With his vast years of experience, he has enriched us with his extensive knowledge on facts and information about the trip.

He would make it a point to give us background knowledge of the place of interest that we be visiting and what’s not to be missed like best gelatos, hand-made chocolates and macarons.
Before the day end, he would brief us what’s on tomorrow itinerary and do weather forecast check and he would recommend us the appropriate attire to keep us warm.

Each day without fail, he would remind us like a broken old recorder to be caution and be on super high alert of pick-pockets syndicates and scams. Appreciate his life experiences sharing on what to look out for and how they do it to increase our awareness, it is proven to be very helpful as we had one close encounter with some strangers conducting some survey who tried to approach us but his reminder bubbles pop out of our heads and instantly we managed to get out of the situation.

At all times, he ensure that all the 26 group members are well taken care of, tried his best to accede to our various requests especially shopping if time permits.

He is very helpful and meticulous person that take care of the slightest details.

Is really comforting to know that he is always around to help with our orders during our own paid meals and once he surprised me by standing right in front of the paid toilet gantry to assist us to insert coins into the machine for toilet access at one of the comfort stop. Amazing!

He was really considerate to buy us chocolate bars to boost us up before we ascend up the mountain and follow by sweet lollipops when we hit the mountain top. The most impressive part is he take the extra effort to unwrap the individual sealed packaging of the 26 lollipops during the train ride up ready to pop into our mouth.
What more can we ask for? We all felt very spoiled and his service has far exceeded our expectations.

We are sincerely touched by his little acts of kindness that normally take for granted.

We have good faith that he has put in his utmost best to deliver his service to let us have a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Cyril, we really want to THANK YOU so much for the experience of a lifetime and we wish you all the best!

We will definitely look forward to travel with SA Tours again!