Glenn & Sharon (14D in Europe - Mar 2017)

My husband and I would love to compliment our Tour Guide Jason Ang as the feedback form limits our words. He is indeed an outstanding, professional and sets well for his time management.

What impressed us the most is his attitude in making sure his passengers are all well taken care of. Recalling an incident when we are at Venice, the local guide told us to ignore young babes who approached us for petitions as they chance on pickpocketing tourists. Indeed a group approached us both, and Jason shouted very loudly at them from our back saying "Do not disturb my clients!" And all those girls back off and ran away. We really salute his guts and profession in his field of work.

And we would like to take this opportunity to thanks his trainee Steven. He is indeed a patient in making sure no one went missing. And if passenger has to do a last minute purchase, he makes sure he will be there to guide us back to Jason.

Both guides have indeed lift up the branding for Sino- America Tour (Singapore). And indeed we really enjoyed ourselves a lot for our Honeymoon trip.



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